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Moonstone Magic- Feminine Energy & New Beginnings-L.B.D

Moonstone ring

MOONSTONE MAGIC- Open your heart to the power of Rainbow Moonstone

Intuition, balance, relaxation, feminine energy, love, tenderness.

Not only is Rainbow Moonstone a gorgeous gem to admire with its gorgeous milky moon like base and sun kissed rainbow flashes and/or watery blue hues, it is filled with passive, receptive, feminine energy, making it a must have as a part of everyone’s Crystal collection..


RainbowMoonstone is also a Crystal that is believed to enhance mental power.

Associated with the moon and our inner goddess, itsfeminine and gentle energy is useful when you need to have strong mind, to control your feelings and channel your intuition.

Rainbow Moonstone is also known as a great stone for “NEW BEGINNING’S”as it supports your inner strength and growth.

Moonstone and Chakra

Moonstone- The Solar Plexus Chakra Crystal

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