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Its Just A Dream Come True That You Are Reading This!

Hi, and welcome. My name is Laurel and I am the Owner/Operator and Designer here at L.B.D.

I started this amazing venture at the end of 2019, when my youngest baby, of my four babies started big school. As many of you may know, this is a time in your life when you may sit back and have a second to think. "O.k, so would do i want to do for me?" 

The idea's starting flowing in. 

Before I became Mumma Bear of 4 children in 4 years, (yes 4 under 4yrs haha, CRAZY) I used to do a lot of art as a hobby. Acrylic paintings and many hand drawn wall hangings, but as we know Kmart Wall Prints and Posters have become a cheap option when we want to decorate our homes, so although fun, this was hardly going to be a career..

One thing I have always been addicted to is JEWELLERY! I used to call it Hippie Jewellery back in the olden days before boho jewellery was a thing, but as time went by, Boho Trends were popping up everywhere...

Every piece of jewellery I purchased over the years, i would always admire it but couldn't help but tweak it a little in my mind.. 

"Oh it would look so great if this was like that, or if this was like that"

So, It hit me... JEWELLERY, "Thats what I'm going to do for me!"

I started so small, and i cant thank every single one of my amazing loyal customers, who took a chance, and joined in on the ride, making my dreams come true.

I love drawing new jewellery designs and have books and books full of designs that i cant wait to become new realities to share with you.

My Amazing Jeweller and team of highly skilled Artisans are so so clever, to be able to make hand drawn sketches into high quality jewellery. The whole process blows me away every single time!

This is not only a business to me, I love what I do and I put my heart and soul into it. And you, are a huge part of it all, because without you, Laihas Bohemian Dreaming, would still only be a dream..

I'm a real person, (although a very busy one) I actually care about you and your experience, so please talk to me any time at all. Nothing will ever go unheard, after all I want, is for you to have the same feeling towards your jewellery as I have.

All of my Jewellery is made with genuine SOLID 925 sterling silver. My gold Jewellery is 10-18ct gold plated over solid sterling silver, or Gold Vermeil (extra thick gold plating, 2.5 microns or more) over a base of solid sterling silver.

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Please use any of the links on my website to contact me any time at all...

Keep On Dreaming

Laurel, L.B.D