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Laihas Handcrafted OVERSIZED Ring Of Hope Dendric Opal Ring Size US9

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Ring Size Chart
Ring Size Chart

Oversized Dendrite Opal Ring Size US9

Handcrafted with a HUGE Genuine Dendritic Opal set in Solid Sterling Silver

Throw all your other rings away. This massive statement ring is all you need with it’s generous size, this ring will take over your whole hand!! Made with a sturdy twin ring band. What a Stunner..

huge ring face measuring 54mm x 36mm

stone size 45mm x 26mm

massive 30g in weight

Dendritic Opal has a meaning and properties of giving hope to life. It has been loved as a gemstone that lights the darkness. This is a good gemstone to use when you want to change your luck flow. ... Dendritic Opal is used to understand your true self. It can bring out your true feelings deep inside your mind.