Laihas Crystal Kindness Clear Quartz Stud Earrings

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These Gorgeous Handcrafted Clear Quartz Stud Earrings have genuine Quartz gems that are set in solid 925 sterling silver.

Gem Size: Approx 6mm x 9mm

material: solid sterling silver 925

Gem: Cut Genuine Clear Quartz

Style: Crystal Clear Quartz Stud Earrings

Hallmark: LBD925 

Other than appearing clear to the eye, this stone is also believed to bring clarity to those who carry it. It is also one of the stones most associated with inner healing and spiritual growth. Clear quartz crystal is known for having high vibrations. The stone can clear the mind, body and spirit of clutter and can help to align the bearer with the highest form of themselves so that they may reach their full potential. This quartz is a supportive one and helps us to carve out a vision that is unique to us. In addition to this, the crystal has the power to drown out any noise from the outside world to create a pathway to your goals and to turn them into a reality in the mind’s eye.

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✨Natural Gemtones✨

Please note that Natural Gemstones are Mother Earth’s Creations and are not man made. This means that no two genuine gemstones are exactly the same.
This also means that slight impurities may be present.. 🌻

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