Laihas Prestige Gold Opal Earrings - Simple Studs

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LAIHAS GOLD Vermeil Opal Earrings - Simple Studs

Crafted with Gold Vermeil over a base of Solid Sterling Silver and gorgeous Cultured Opals.
What a stunning pair of Stud Earrings

5mm x 5mm

Material: Solid Sterling Silver

Finish: 9ct Gold Plating + Ecoat

Gem: Cultured White Fire Opal

FIRE OPAL-They receive their name from their fiery background color. Precious Opal is a name given to any opal that exhibits “play-of-color”, a flashing display of spectral colors when the opal is “played” under a light source.

Opals are excellent crystals to use for psychic development. They may be used in meditation to help to boost the ability to see the future, also known as precognition. ... They are known for the way they aid astral travel, helping to strengthen psychic communication and enhance intuition.

Our Cultured opals that have the same chemical composition, internal structure, physical properties, and appearance as natural opals.
Our Opals exhibit a spectacular play-of-colour appearance that often exceeds the beauty of many natural opals.

Our high quality opals take about a year to grow in laboratory and are very similar in properties to a natural opal. It is a beautiful gemstone with perfect colour vibrancy, revealing the beauty of a precious opal.