Laihas Zahli 2 Gem Rose Quartz Bangle

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What a stunning Handmade cuff style Rose Quartz bangle..

This stunning handmade solid sterling silver Moonstone bangle is to die for, with its smooth big polished genuine Rose Quartz gems.
STONE sizes approx are 15mm x 10mm

substantial 7mm sturdy band

approx 15-16g in weight

This Bangle is Adjustable ready to fit all wrist sizes nicely..

A Shiny Polished smooth design with solid edging and amazing Tear Drop Rose Quartz Gems, designed to last a lifetime...

Please note that natural gemstones May have inclusions. Inclusions are natural impurities that form in the gemstone as they form in nature..The presence of inclusions mean that the gemstone is genuine and not an artficial stone made in a lab.

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