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Hi, and welcome. My name is Laurel and I am the Owner/Operator and Designer here at L.B.D. 

I’m now so proud to say “I’m an Australian Jewellery Designer” based in the Hawkesbury Region, Sydney, NSW.. 

I am a mother of four, and I am so easily inspired by the small things in life, as I feel these moments make you feel the most. 

I have always considered myself an inspiring artist, so I decided to combine my life long love for natural gemstones, handmade jewellery, fashion design and the creative arts and I followed my dreams by becoming a jewellery designer. 

Nature is my happy place. I love the sky, the sun, the moon, the ocean, running streams, national forests and our great Australian Landscapes. 

I am also very passionate about Female empowerment. I feel in todays day and age, we need to love more and hate less. I believe Women need to support Women, and need to learn to love themselves to feel the true joy in loving others.
Through my own personal experiences, most certainly after the birth of my daughter, Laiha, I discovered my self worth and found the strength to raise her with a positive, loving mind. Throughout my personal growth experience I really wanted to help support others to discover or celebrate self-awareness and most importantly self-worth. We are all so worth it, and so are the young girls we are raising to be the next generation of women.

It is essential that women have the strength to do everything they set their heart on. This motivates and inspires my designs as I want to make every women feel like she is enough! I want to encourage others to get back up and keep on going. I also, as a women, feel its my duty to support other woman. 

There is pure perfection in all of our imperfections, as all real, natural perfection is never perfect. Your imperfections make you wonderful and they make you you! 

I started small, in November 2019, by buying and selling sterling silver boho jewellery online. This helped fuel my design inspirations and gave me the opportunity to build  my business to what it is today. This gave me the opportunity to gradually, design by design create an entire collection of LBD Jewellery. I cant thank every single one of my amazing loyal customers, who took a chance, and joined in on the ride, making my dreams come true. It fills my heart that others can connect with my jewellery and hopefully feel the joy I feel creating and wearing it. 

I love drawing and designing new jewellery and love life’s little inspirations resulting in designs that i cant wait to become new realities to share with you.

My Amazing team of highly skilled Artisans are so so clever, to be able to make my hand drawn sketches or designs into high quality jewellery. The whole process blows me away every single time!

This is not only a business to me, I love what I do and I put my heart and soul into it. And you, are a huge part of it all, because without you, Laihas Bohemian Dreaming, would still only be a dream..

I'm a real person, (although a very busy one) I actually care about you and your experience, so please talk to me any time at all. Nothing will ever go unheard, after all I want, is for you to have the same feeling towards your jewellery as I have.

All of my Jewellery is made from

SOLID 925 sterling silver.

My gold Jewellery is made from

-10ct Gold Vermeil (extra thick gold plating, 2.5 microns or more) over a base of solid sterling silver.

Our Gemstone Jewellery is made from

-High Quality, Hand picked Genuine Gemstones and Crystals

Read more about our jewellery here..

Our Sterling Silver

- Our Gemstone's

Got any questions? 

Please use any of the links on my website to contact me any time at all...


Keep On Dreaming

Laurel, L.B.D



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