Our Sterling Silver


All of our sterling silver is 100% solid sterling silver and is stamped 925, meeting national standards in purity.

Our sterling silver is Nickel and Lead Free so very hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin.

Our Sterling silver won't rust, turn green or perish like cheap plated metals. Sterling Silver may tarnish, but tarnish on Solid Sterling Silver is only on the surface, and can be removed with a good clean.

You might be wondering what is sterling silver? Sterling silver is an alloy made from 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent alloy. An alloy is essentially the mixture of two (or more) elements .

Cheap metals can irritate the skin and result in allergic reactions, making sterling silver a great option for sensitive skin. Inexpensive metals like nickel or brass can cause infections, especially with earrings.

Bottom line: Sterling silver, aka 925 silver is hypoallergenic, high quality, stylish and safe.

The only downside to all sterling silver is that the added copper may cause it to tarnish, with the metal’s surface turning dark brown, black or even some copper coloured staining, especially in humid or hot conditions, or if stored near something toxic in the environment in which it is stored. However, it's easy to clean and beneath the tarnish your sterling silver will still be in great condition, and shine like new for a lifetime.

Sterling Silver discolours because of hydrogen sulfide (sulfur), a substance that occurs in the air. When silver comes into contact with it, a chemical reaction takes place and a tarnish like layer is formed.

The good news is that with our sterling silver, regular care can really slow down the tarnishing, unlike silver-plated jewelry which will deteriorate no matter what. And even if your silver jewelry has already been spotted with tarnish, a good clean or polishing will easily make it look like new.

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