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All of our sterling silver is 100% solid sterling silver 925...

You might be wondering what is sterling silver? Sterling silver is an alloy made from 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent alloy. An alloy is essentially the mixture of two (or more) elements .
Our sterling silver is Nickel Free so very hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin.

That’s right, cheap metals can irritate the skin and result in allergic reactions, making sterling silver a great option for sensitive skin. Inexpensive metals like nickel or brass can cause infections, especially with earrings.

Bottom line: Sterling silver, aka 925 silver is hypoallergenic, high quality, stylish and safe.

The only downside to sterling silver is that the added copper will cause it to tarnish, with the metal turning dark brown or black over time, or maybe some copper coloured staining, especially in humid or hot conditions. However, it's easy to clean and beneath the tarnish your sterling silver will still be in great condition: it won't rust or perish with normal use.

Sterling Silver discolours because of hydrogen sulfide (sulfur), a substance that occurs in the air. When silver comes into contact with it, a chemical reaction takes place and a tarnish like layer is formed.

Tarnishing can take place even faster if sterling silver comes in contact with high humidity, high heat, detergents or cosmetics. The good news is that with sterling silver, regular care can really slow down the tarnishing, unlike silver-plated jewelry which will deteriorate no matter what. And even if your silver jewelry has already been spotted with tarnish, a good clean or polishing will easily make it look like new.


PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR GIFT DISPLAY BOX’S alone are not a long term solution for storing your silver jewellery. They are not air tight and if any moisture or hydrogen sulfide gets trapped inside then tarnishing will begin.
A good air tight container, bag or the tissue wrap provided will prevent tarnishing and other cosmetic appearance issues.
Moisture adds to tarnishing and discoloration on sterling silver jewellery. To avoid this problem, store your silver pieces with silica gel in an air tight bag/box or jewellery pouch to help absorb moisture. These will help to absorb the gases that cause tarnishing.

You will receive silica gel or an anti tarnish strip and a zip bag, plastic/tissue wrap or a jewellery pouch with your jewellery so keep these to store your jewellery and don’t throw them away..They are great! 
I find that with regular wear your silver will stay fairly clean and only need a slight polish here and there. 
The hardest time to keep sterling silver clean is when it isn’t being worn and when nature’s elements take hold. 

We all think storing our jewellery in a drawer is a good idea! Far from. Your sterling silver should not be kept in any chemically treated surfaces, particularly surfaces made of wood if it has been stained or treated which speed up the tarnishing process. 

Most of the time your sterling silver will just need a little polish but if it is badly tarnished here is way to clean it it home..

-Wrap a bowl with Aluminium Foil

-Add tarnished sterling silver and a tablespoon of baking soda to the bowl

- Pour in boiling water 

- watch the water bubble and remove the tarnish. You will smell the tarnish attaching to the foil..

- when the silver looks clean (this won’t take long) remove with tongs or similar 

- rinse will cool water and dry

- polish with a jewellery cloth or similar 

Some of our prestige jewellery has been Rhodium Plated.. 


Rhodium plating enhances the inherent value and durability of sterling silver. Rhodium will make your jewellery more durabable. Rhodium is scratch resistant meaning that you won’t have to worry about scratching for a very long time.

The durability of a rhodium-plated piece is further enhanced by its corrosion-free state, so will not tarnish over time like sterling silver. You won’t have to worry about tarnishing or discolouration from exposure to toxic gases, water and hard surfaces or worry about any skin reactions if you are sensitive to sterling silver.

Please note though that Rhodium plating, although more glossy, luxurious and durable than sterling silver, has a slightly darker colour than polished sterling silver. You will notice this in the related images displayed.